Past Events

Learn About Blockchains

January 30, 2018

What is blockchain technology?How does it work and what applications exist?As a developer, how do I get started implementing my own blockchain? Blockchain, the underlying technology in cryptocurrency is all the hype right now with some cryptocurrency values skyrocketing over 1500% last year! Let’s discuss how blockchain works and how it is useful in markets beyond cryptocurrency. Learn how to get started implementing your own blockchain! “Email is to the internet as cryptocurrency is to the blockchain. Read more about Learn About Blockchains

Progressive Web Apps with Daniel Black

May 30, 2017

Progressive web apps (PWAs) close the gap and blur the lines between native apps and web apps. Daniel will introduce PWAs, including service workers, push notifications, app icons, offline capabilities, the app manifest, and browser support. He will also discuss practical applications and case studies to give business insight into this newer technology. Daniel Black is an Android Software Engineer with - Thit Team Read more about Progressive Web Apps with Daniel Black

Knowing things work instead of thinking things work

April 18, 2017

Production can be a scary environment. Sometimes things are working great and sometimes they’re a complete dumpster fire. How do you know your current status? How do you know where your problem is or which server is causing the degradation? In this talk we’ll discuss a journey from no application performance monitoring(apm) to “good enough to troubleshoot today” apm and where we continued after our tire fire was turned back into a normal day. Read more about Knowing things work instead of thinking things work

From JavaScript Mess to Cleaner Code with Kevin Logan

March 21, 2017

As web development grows in popularity and the proliferation of JavaScript tools and frameworks continues, it is easier to produce large applications filled with unreadable or unmaintainable JavaScript. In this talk, Kevin Logan will draw on his years of experience working on a large JavaScript-heavy application. Kevin will describe how he has used methodologies, like SOLID and good naming practices, to improve code. The talk will demonstrate updating a jQuery-driven UI application using tools and priniciples like OOP, inversion of control, Typescript, unit testing, and DOM data-binding. Read more about From JavaScript Mess to Cleaner Code with Kevin Logan

HapiJS Workshop

October 25, 2016

DocuTAP will be hosting a HapiJS workshop on Tues Oct 25th. Bring your own laptop, newcomers to nodejs or web development are welcome. We’ll have a few people with experience in nodejs available to help explain exercises and their solutions available. Read more about HapiJS Workshop

Talk Web Assembly with Jason Bock

September 20, 2016

Assembling the Web - A Tour of WebAssembly WebAssembly. It’s coming to JavaScript. But…what exactly is it? Is it a new VM? A way to create a binary version of JavaScript? A new standard to get everyone to code in C/C++ for the web? In this session, we’ll demystify WebAssembly, demonstrate exactly what it is, and provide insight into how this will affect JavaScript and web development in the future. Read more about Talk Web Assembly with Jason Bock

Android Development

July 12, 2016

Taking a look at the current state of Android development, I hope to get you started building apps on the platform with powerful but sometimes unconventional techniques including:- UI components- Dependency Injection- Reactive Extensions- UI Libraries (ButterKnife / Databinding) Read more about Android Development

Writing Safer Code with Swift – Gage Herrmann

June 7, 2016

A lot of the languages we use are extremely flexible and powerful. C# and Java allow you to write complex code that does a lot of things. They let you get stuff done, but they can also get you into a lot of trouble. A few new languages have appeared in the last few years that are recognizing the importance of protecting programmers from themselves while remaining flexible and powerful. Read more about Writing Safer Code with Swift – Gage Herrmann