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Last Updated: 2024-04-29
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A Quick F# Load Test Script

April 23, 2024 -

A Quick F# Load Test Script Here’s a quick way to hit your api with a lot of requests in parallel using F# . Requirements FsHttp A way to run F# VS Code is helpful with the F# Ionide Extension create a .fsx file in VS Code, highlight all and alt-enter or click the play button Code #r “nuget: FsHttp” open FsHttp [|1..1000|] |> (fun x -> (x, http { GET “https://{your-url}/api/” //AuthorizationBearer "" // add a custom header if you need: this is needed for Azure Functions header “X-Functions-Key” "" body jsonSerialize x } |> Request. Read more about A Quick F# Load Test Script

A Space Heater from a Bitcoin AntMiner

April 22, 2024 -

A Space Heater from a Bitcoin AntMiner In February, 2024, my co-worker sent me a picture of an ASIC S9 AntMiner at the local pawnshop. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so I started searching for resources and finally went it bought for $120 (they had it listed for $139.99, but I offered less). Suprisingly the owner did know some things about Bitcoin and had mined Ethereum in the past. Read more about A Space Heater from a Bitcoin AntMiner

Deferring JS Until Script Load

April 9, 2024 -

A common recommendation when using JavaScript is to put your <script> elements at the end of your HTML, including those that reference a JS file on your site. One issue, however, is that if you then have a script that references a function from another script, how do you ensure the other script is loaded already? The problem Let’s say you have the following: <script src="some/other/javascript.js"></script> <script> (function (){ // call a function defined in the other JS file })(); </script> If javascript. Read more about Deferring JS Until Script Load

Why I Like Lifting Weights so Much

April 9, 2024 -

I had a “aha!” moment the other day, and I felt like it was something that was important enough to share. This moment came to me when working out in my home gym, which I then shared with my wife. If you know me, you likely know I enjoy lifting weights. If you did not know that about me, the title of this article likely gave that fact away. I have never really understood why I enjoyed the act of picking up heavy objects repeatedly so much. Read more about Why I Like Lifting Weights so Much

Use .Net CancellationTokens

April 9, 2024 -

Use the CancellationToken in your .Net Applications In .Net, the MVC/API Controller gives a CancellationToken. You should use this and pass it to the HttpClient inside of our Http package. See Recommended patterns for CancellationToken - Developer Support “Long running requests and cancellation Have you ever been on a website where you’ve made a request for a page, and it just sits there, supposedly loading? Eventually you get board and click the “Stop” button, or maybe hammer F5 to reload the page. Read more about Use .Net CancellationTokens

Addressing AWS S3 Sync Folder Issues

April 8, 2024 -

I have used S3 and S3-compatible storage for a long time now, and have used both s3cmd and the AWS CLI tooling to sync, either between buckets or with a local filesystem. It generally "just works". Except that when it doesn’t, it’s really hard to debug. The problem The issue I had recently was that I was creating a "folder" in a bucket for namespacing some specific files. In my case, I was doing this on DigitalOcean Spaces, but over the course of trying to isolate the issue, I also tried on AWS S3, and had the same issue. Read more about Addressing AWS S3 Sync Folder Issues

Software I Use as a Software Developer

March 14, 2024 -

Being a software developer by day, and many nights, I am always trying out new software and interested in what I can use to be the most effective human. In particular I am always on the hunt for software that can help me become a better father, husband, professional, software developer, and lifter. The tools that I use change fairly frequently, but I try to keep the transaction costs of switching to a minimum. Read more about Software I Use as a Software Developer

Windows Downloads Folder Grouping

February 14, 2024 -

I built a new PC a few years ago using the Intel 8086K that I won in the Intel 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes. It’s been a good machine that I’ve only really used for games. Over the last year or so I’ve used it for some more hobby projects and I finally got annoyed with the Downloads special folder always opening up with the contents being grouped by date. I wasn’t terribly surprised to find that this was a common thing people complained about. Read more about Windows Downloads Folder Grouping

Chromecast HD Alternate Launcher

February 6, 2024 -

Recently there has been news of Google deploying advertisements more invasive than content banners in their Google TV launcher. Upon experiencing this directly it seemed like a good idea to dig into replacing the launcher. The first step was testing out alternative launchers. I tried Projectivy Launcher and FLauncher and ended up preferring FLauncher, it is very simple and it’s open source which is an added nicety. The next step was figuring out how to set the default launcher. Read more about Chromecast HD Alternate Launcher

Fixing Audio Choppiness in OBS Studio on Linux

January 18, 2024 -

I occasionally record screencasts for work — some of these are used for the website as demos/training material, and sometimes they’re used internally by our various technical teams. When I record, I use OBS Studio, which works brilliantly. However, since the last time I recorded, I’ve upgrade my operating system, as well as switched over to Wayland, and I discovered after doing a recording session that my audio was super choppy. Read more about Fixing Audio Choppiness in OBS Studio on Linux