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Last Updated: 2024-02-20
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Windows Downloads Folder Grouping

February 14, 2024 -

I built a new PC a few years ago using the Intel 8086K that I won in the Intel 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes. It’s been a good machine that I’ve only really used for games. Over the last year or so I’ve used it for some more hobby projects and I finally got annoyed with the Downloads special folder always opening up with the contents being grouped by date. I wasn’t terribly surprised to find that this was a common thing people complained about. Read more about Windows Downloads Folder Grouping

Chromecast HD Alternate Launcher

February 6, 2024 -

Recently there has been news of Google deploying advertisements more invasive than content banners in their Google TV launcher. Upon experiencing this directly it seemed like a good idea to dig into replacing the launcher. The first step was testing out alternative launchers. I tried Projectivy Launcher and FLauncher and ended up preferring FLauncher, it is very simple and it’s open source which is an added nicety. The next step was figuring out how to set the default launcher. Read more about Chromecast HD Alternate Launcher

Fixing Audio Choppiness in OBS Studio on Linux

January 18, 2024 -

I occasionally record screencasts for work — some of these are used for the website as demos/training material, and sometimes they’re used internally by our various technical teams. When I record, I use OBS Studio, which works brilliantly. However, since the last time I recorded, I’ve upgrade my operating system, as well as switched over to Wayland, and I discovered after doing a recording session that my audio was super choppy. Read more about Fixing Audio Choppiness in OBS Studio on Linux

Advent 2023: tmux

December 22, 2023 -

I use terminal-based programs a lot. It should be obvious to anyone following my blog that I use editors in the vim family. But there are a slew of other tools I use from the CLI: docker, phpunit, phpcs, psalm, pandoc, ssh, ngrok, and more. Often, I’ll be editing a file, and need to run another program, and reference what I’m editing: running unit tests, linters, or static analysis often fall in this category. Read more about Advent 2023: tmux

Advent 2023: Pandoc

December 20, 2023 -

Being a fan of Markdown and text formats in general, but living and working in a society where other formats are more often used, it’s convenient to be able to convert my files to formats others can use. And there’s really only one tool for that: Pandoc. What is Pandoc? Pandoc allows conversion between different document formats. Most are bi-directional, though a few can only go in one direction (for instance, you can convert to PDF, but cannot convert PDF documents to other formats). Read more about Advent 2023: Pandoc

.Net Aspire

December 19, 2023 -

.Net Aspire Overview Nick Chaspas said that .Net Aspire was “The most exciting announcement at .Net Conf”, “Amazing Tech” [1]. What is it? In the first 8 minutes of .Net Conf 2023 - Building Cloud Native apps with .NET 8 - Glenn Condon and David Fowler Glenn shared the journey to creating .Net Aspire and what was created to help with. It was created to be “Developer first, productivity and integrating as naturally as possible”. Read more about .Net Aspire

A complete novice writes Wasm by hand: Adding an Allocator

November 28, 2023 -

In the previous article we learned how to parse numbers from a stream of text using Wasm, in preparation for doing Advent of Code challenges. To solve the challenge, we intermixed the parsing and the solving into a single function; while that may work for some of the easier challenges, eventually we’ll need a place to put the parsed result so we can use it more than once. In this article, we’ll dig deeper into Wasm memory, experiment with creating and using more complex entities (structs, classes, whatever you want to call them), and then build a very simple custom allocator (no seriously, don’t be scared). Read more about A complete novice writes Wasm by hand: Adding an Allocator

A complete novice writes Wasm by hand: Parsing Numbers

November 21, 2023 -

I have decided to do Advent of Code in WebAssembly this year. That must mean I’m some kind of Wasm expert, right? Wrong. I am a complete novice, which means that I’m using Advent of Code to help me learn and grow. It also means that, if you are also a complete novice, hopefully I can take you along on this journey with me and you won’t be completely lost. Or in other words, if you’re a complete Wasm novice and are also Wasm-curious, you’re in the right place. Read more about A complete novice writes Wasm by hand: Parsing Numbers

Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

November 10, 2023 -

Accepting Bitcoin as Payment I’ve been learning a lot about Bitcoin in the last few years. I’ve been wondering why we aren’t seeing more business accept payments in Bitcoin in 2023. I think this is coming, but there is a chicken and the egg problem. I asked a friend who runs an online company and he said “It would actually be pretty easy for us to implement crypto payments for us but we haven’t for two reasons (A) almost no one ever asks for it (lack of market demand) (B) there is no support for recurring payments. Read more about Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

Clean Architecture Example

October 25, 2023 -

Clean Architecture Example We do a lot of lunch and learns at Omnitech. It’s a great time to connect and learn from each other. We’ve read Clean Architecture by Bob Martin twice now at Omnitech. Those helped me form my opinions that I shared in my NE Code 2023 presentation. Dakota is a smart developer and talented teacher. He took an hour to refactor a simple code base from “normal” lacking architecture to code that was “clean” and used the nomenclature of Clean Code. Read more about Clean Architecture Example