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Unit Testing UseReact

July 7, 2023 -

Unit Testing Components that use UseReact We’ve been learning React for our new app we are building. I’m a firm believer in having automated tests (is this a unit or integration test? :-)). Testing Library is a great place to start. We want to have tests on our components. Over the last few months, I’ve had trouble faking the useQuery Api/Http calls. I got it working today! I don’t have a lot of new info to share, but will give you the links that helped me and a small code snippet.

Moving my blog host

June 2, 2023 -

Moving my blog host Chad has generously hosted my blog on his personal servers since 2016. Thank you Chad! He said his server was getting old and asked me to migrate it. My site was down for about a week while I tried different things (you probably didn’t notice :-)) Before that I was on the retired at, which you could see with the Way Back Machine if you wanted.


May 24, 2023 -

A letter to a possible homeschooling family We think homeschooling is great and I know you can do it. We’ve homeschooled our kids from the beginning. We have 4 kids (with one in highschool now and one under 3). We really appreciate them being with us more, extra time, the flexibility, full control of what they are learning and having them learn and grow in their belief and faith in God.

Zentangle Back to Basics, 2022 Retrospective

January 7, 2023 -

This week in Eni Oken’s Art Club, we did a 2022 retrospective, and went back to basics with a standard Z-string tile. Here are my reflections and thoughts. The year in numbers I finished around 70 tiles (it’s hard to count, as I gave some away, and some ended up in my art journals) I have a half-dozen or so unfinished tiles. Around a dozen tangle studies, where I deconstructed tangles to better understand their fundamental fragments, and different tangeleations I could create.

Convert to on an old Enfold theme

January 2, 2023 -

The problem Recently I came across a very old Enfold theme – version 3.6.1. The website would should visitors Not Secure instead of a padlock for SSL/TLS. The research Upon investigating the HTML DOM through View Source and Developer Tools in Chrome and Edge, it appeared there was only one http:// resource on an otherwise HTTPS site. This was the culprit:<link rel=”profile” href=”“> The solution To change this to an https link without updating/upgrading the theme, edit wp-content/themes/enfold/framework/php/function-set-avia-frontend.

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