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A Quick F# Load Test Script

April 23, 2024 -

A Quick F# Load Test Script Here’s a quick way to hit your api with a lot of requests in parallel using F# . Requirements FsHttp A way to run F# VS Code is helpful with the F# Ionide Extension create a .fsx file in VS Code, highlight all and alt-enter or click the play button Code #r “nuget: FsHttp” open FsHttp [|1..1000|] |> (fun x -> (x, http { GET “https://{your-url}/api/” //AuthorizationBearer "" // add a custom header if you need: this is needed for Azure Functions header “X-Functions-Key” "" body jsonSerialize x } |> Request.

A Space Heater from a Bitcoin AntMiner

April 22, 2024 -

A Space Heater from a Bitcoin AntMiner In February, 2024, my co-worker sent me a picture of an ASIC S9 AntMiner at the local pawnshop. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so I started searching for resources and finally went it bought for $120 (they had it listed for $139.99, but I offered less). Suprisingly the owner did know some things about Bitcoin and had mined Ethereum in the past.

Deferring JS Until Script Load

April 9, 2024 -

A common recommendation when using JavaScript is to put your <script> elements at the end of your HTML, including those that reference a JS file on your site. One issue, however, is that if you then have a script that references a function from another script, how do you ensure the other script is loaded already? The problem Let’s say you have the following: <script src="some/other/javascript.js"></script> <script> (function (){ // call a function defined in the other JS file })(); </script> If javascript.

Why I Like Lifting Weights so Much

April 9, 2024 -

I had a “aha!” moment the other day, and I felt like it was something that was important enough to share. This moment came to me when working out in my home gym, which I then shared with my wife. If you know me, you likely know I enjoy lifting weights. If you did not know that about me, the title of this article likely gave that fact away. I have never really understood why I enjoyed the act of picking up heavy objects repeatedly so much.

Use .Net CancellationTokens

April 9, 2024 -

Use the CancellationToken in your .Net Applications In .Net, the MVC/API Controller gives a CancellationToken. You should use this and pass it to the HttpClient inside of our Http package. See Recommended patterns for CancellationToken - Developer Support “Long running requests and cancellation Have you ever been on a website where you’ve made a request for a page, and it just sits there, supposedly loading? Eventually you get board and click the “Stop” button, or maybe hammer F5 to reload the page.

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Senior Front-End Software Engineer

February 7, 2024 - DirectDefense - $140k - $160k

DirectDefense is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Senior Front-End Software Engineer with a focus on React and TypeScript to join our dynamic team. If you are passionate about creating secure and intuitive user interfaces, this is an exciting opportunity to contribute to cutting-edge technology in a rapidly growing industry.