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SQL Profiling in Optimizely CMS 12

June 2, 2024 -

A relatively quick introduction to some simple tools to get you started in performance profiling in Optimizely CMS (or other ASP.NET applications).

Tabs from other devices (2024-05)

May 31, 2024 -

What I’ve been reading recently: May of 2024 edition.

Initializing ZendHQ JobQueue During Application Deployment

May 7, 2024 -

In the past few years, I’ve transitioned from engineering into product management at Zend, and it’s been a hugely rewarding experience to be able to toss ideas over the fence to my own engineering team, and have them do all the fiddly tricky bits of actually implementing them! Besides packaging long-term support versions of PHP, we also are publishing a product called ZendHQ. This is a combination of a PHP extension, and an independent service that PHP instances communicate with to do things like monitoring and queue management.

A Quick F# Load Test Script

April 23, 2024 -

A Quick F# Load Test Script Here’s a quick way to hit your api with a lot of requests in parallel using F# . Requirements FsHttp A way to run F# VS Code is helpful with the F# Ionide Extension create a .fsx file in VS Code, highlight all and alt-enter or click the play button Code #r “nuget: FsHttp” open FsHttp [|1..1000|] |> (fun x -> (x, http { GET “https://{your-url}/api/” //AuthorizationBearer "" // add a custom header if you need: this is needed for Azure Functions header “X-Functions-Key” "" body jsonSerialize x } |> Request.

A Space Heater from a Bitcoin AntMiner

April 22, 2024 -

A Space Heater from a Bitcoin AntMiner In February, 2024, my co-worker sent me a picture of an ASIC S9 AntMiner at the local pawnshop. I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so I started searching for resources and finally went it bought for $120 (they had it listed for $139.99, but I offered less). Suprisingly the owner did know some things about Bitcoin and had mined Ethereum in the past.

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