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The case for AWS multi-org

November 22, 2022 -

Be in any game long enough and you start to notice patterns. The pendulum begins to swing in different or new directions altogether. This is especially true in technology. I haven’t been in AWS all that long and I already can see areas where things begin to drift. This time - Multi Organization configurations It is hard to explain the feeling you get when you just know something is about to happen or is already in the works.

Calling Rust from iOS

November 18, 2022 -

I started looking into how I can use Rust in an iOS project, and I wanted to share my first steps. In this article, we’ll create a basic Rust library, a basic SwiftUI app, and we’ll integrate the two. No point in dilly-dallying; let’s get into it. Creating a new Xcode project So first, we need an Xcode project. I am, by no means, an iOS developer, so I’m just gonna go with whatever Xcode tells me.

Remember you must die

October 20, 2022 -

Momento mori - A term I learned about when I started following and practicing (albeit poorly) Stoicism. It means, in short, ‘remember that you [have to] die’. Not only does it remind you that you, yourself are going to die, but that everyone around you is also going to die. To some, that idea is hard to grasp. Others, come to terms with the concept early. There is no telling how death will impact any single person.

A repository wrapper around Azure Cosmos DB

October 20, 2022 -

A repository wrapper for Azure Cosmos DB queries and commands I recently upgraded the deprecated package Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.Core and replaced it with the Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos . We hadn’t gotten around to it, but the deprecated and the email telling us to “update to the latest version of Azure Cosmos DB .NET SDKs You’re receiving this email because you’ve used version 1.x of the .NET SDK or .NET Core SDK for Azure Cosmos DB in the past 12 months.

My Month Sabbatical

October 13, 2022 -

My Month Sabbatical I am blessed to have been with Omnitech since 2007 (15 and a half years). My pastors are required to take off 6-7 weeks every 5 years to help them rejuvenate and refocus. In March of this year, I realized that I needed to do this as well. In my yearly review, I asked and our Omnitech leaders agreed. My current client was also very flexible.

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