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Learning something new (with Svelte JS)

January 31, 2021 -

As with most weekends. I try to do a little bit of coding. At work recently we were chatting about JAM stack frameworks, and we briefly talked about Svelte. After making this blog with Gatsby I wanted to give it a shot. Without further ado, here it is. Every Saturday night, a group of friends of varying size gets together and we play Jackbox games. Our current system of picking a game is usually someone wants to play a game, but they can’t remember the name, or which party pack it’s in.

Getting MacOS BigSur + ESP8266 to Play Nice

January 30, 2021 -

I ran across The “do not be alarmed” clock on HackerNews and thought that would be a fun little project to play around with. It’s been an awful long time since I’ve done anything with hardware and I haven’t played with anything “Arduino” yet so I made my way over to Amazon and picked up: NodeMcu Mini D1 (WeMos D1 Mini) x5- OLED 128x64 SSD1306 I2C Self-Luminous Display- ELEGOO Electronic Fun Kit Bundle The only thing that has come in the mail thus far was the immediately useful thing, the Mini D1 board.

Getting started with Scheduled Jobs - WIP

January 7, 2021 -

What are Scheduled Jobs? A scheduled job is a handy tool accessible from the admin panel to run a task doing predefined actions. Normally you’ll use these to maintain some part of your project without needing to be involved. This could simply be cleaning out the recycling bin on a scheduled interval, or emailing your admins a list of recent changes once a month. Scheduled jobs do not need to be scheduled, and can be run on demand, for example indexing your Episerver Search and Navigation index.

Getting started with Episerver Display Channels

January 6, 2021 -

What are Episerver Display Channels? Display channels are a great way to take your content and modify the output in an alternate format, across the entire site or certain content types. This is a great way to implement AMP pages. Or provide an alternative view for mobile users or users with low bandwidth. This could also be used to have a PDF version of a page. In this example we’ll use AMP pages.

Development-Mode Modules for Mezzio

December 4, 2020 -

I fielded a question in the Laminas Slack yesterday that I realized should likely be a blog post. The question was: Is there a way to register development-mode-only modules in Mezzio? There’s actually multiple ways to do it, though one that is probably more preferable to others. Conditional ConfigProviders We already provide one pattern for doing this in the Mezzio skeleton application, by conditionally including the mezzio-swoole ConfigProvider if the class is present:

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ASP.NET Web Developer/Coder; LAN manager

January 7, 2021 - Media One

A rare opening in one of the region’s most coveted employers. Develop, maintain and manage web sites and provide team support for Media One’s LAN.