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Getting OpenSwoole and the AWS SDK to Play Nice

February 23, 2022 -

I have some content that I store in S3-compatible object storage, and wanted to be able to (a) push to that storage, and (b) serve items from that storage. Easey-peasey: use the Flysystem AWS S3 adapter, point it to my storage, and be done! Except for one monkey wrench: I’m using OpenSwoole. The Problem What’s the issue, exactly? By default, the AWS adapter uses the AWS PHP SDK, which in turn uses Guzzle.

DotNet Development without Visual Studio (using VS Code)

February 21, 2022 -

DotNet Development without Visual Studio using VS Code I get to start a new contract with a brand new, fast laptop! Hurray! The challenge is to avoid an MSDN license for Visual Studio. This product has a lot of .csproj and .fsproj in a larger solution. I was able to do work, but ran into a few things that caused me to request and receive a VS license anyways. I’ll note them at the bottom.

F# Introduction from a C# Developer

February 18, 2022 -

F# Introduction from a C# Developer I’ve been a C# and Javascript/Typescript developer for 14+ years, some PHP before that. I’ve been blissfully avoiding other approaches/languages (there’s too much to learn, my energy is limited, I have 4 kids, etc). Over the last few years, functional programming has been coming up more often and intriguing me more. We read Pragmatic Programmer together at Omnitech in 2021. My quote in that article was “The biggest “eye-opener” for me was about transforming programming, where you take input data and transform it into an output.

Running cronjobs via an Openswoole timer

February 10, 2022 -

Sites I build often utilize cronjobs to periodically pull in data from other sources. For example, I might want to poll an API once a day, or scrape content from another website once a month. Cronjobs are a perfect fit for this. However, cron has a few problems: If the job is writing information into the file tree of your web application, you need to ensure permissions are correct, both at the filesystem level, and when writing the cronjob (e.

Exposing webhooks via mezzio-swoole

January 25, 2022 -

I was first introduced to the concept of webhooks via a 2009 blog post by John Herren, a former colleague at Zend. At the time, they were in their infancy; today, they’re ubiquituous, as they provide a mechanism for a service to notify interested parties of events. This saves traffic; instead of consumers polling an API for event changes, the service notifies them directly. It also means that the consumer does not need to setup things like cronjobs; they instead setup a webhook endpoint, register it with the service provider, and their application takes care of the rest.

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Senior Site Reliability Engineer

January 4, 2022 - Prismatic

As the number of software products in the market continues to grow at an accelerated rate, the number of possible integrations between these software products is growing even more rapidly. Users increasingly expect that integrations between related products are available and that they “just work”, and as a result, the teams creating these products face greater integration challenges than ever before. Prismatic is creating an embedded Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) specifically for B2B software companies, with the goal of empowering teams to deliver best in class integrations to their users more quickly and easily. We believe software in every industry has huge potential to positively impact the people who use it, and that better, easier integrations can help software companies realize even more of that potential.