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DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) 2021

May 21, 2021 -

DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) 2021 I had the high privilege of attending the DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) 2021 virtually this year with John and Dakota at Omnitech (it was great to have them to bounce ideas off, attempt to summarize and help me remember what track I was going to and when). I’ve followed Gene Kim for years, read most of his books and promoted them and I’ve also recently read Project to Product by Dr.

A week of Omnitech and life in the Black Hills

May 13, 2021 -

A week of Omnitech and life in the Black Hills Omnitech opened a Rapid City, SD office in July, 2019 with Elevate Rapid City on the SD School of Mines & Technology campus. We are one company in two locations. With that comes that challenges of keeping the culture, connecting personally and having all feel connected. It was great to spend time with some co-workers I don’t see much, even if we were working on different projects.

Making a Wi-Fi Smart Fan (Part 1)

May 4, 2021 -

A few years ago I started slowly transforming my house into a “Smart House”. It started with some friends of ours showing us their smart bulbs and how they could tell Alexa to turn them on and off. I’ll admit, I was skeptical of how smart bulbs could be life changing, and it took a few years until I would get there. But this isn’t that story, this is about how I converted my plain ol' dumb fan into a Wi-Fi enabled smart fan for my OpenHab system.

Coding Guidelines

April 29, 2021 -

Coding Guidelines Software Systems can easily pile up technical debt (see my Clean Architecture for more thoughts on that). One of the reasons is that people rush. Another common one is not thinking about or knowing about good software practices. How do we teach this and rely the concepts? I don’t think a style guide and coding standards is enough, but I offer some principles to follow and share.

The Paradox of the Active User

April 15, 2021 -

Recently I was complaining to my boss about how difficult it is learning a new technology. He taught me about the Paradox of the Active User. Basically, the paradox states an active user will try to forego the tutorials and documentation in favor of a trial by fire. Why is it a paradox, your ask? Well the mentality of the Active User is that they are able to started and moving faster on my… their own.

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Senior Software Developer

June 22, 2021 - CentralSquare Technologies

Our Senior Software Developer works as part of our agile development team in the design and coding of Public Safety software applications. They will manage all aspects of developing new applications (utilizing Python, C++), including developing specs, coordinating with other developers, and designing databases. As a proactive contributor and leader, they will work to find innovative solutions enabling development to produce products that will compete well in the marketplace. This role will also be responsible for mentoring team members and leading them in their continued growth and improvement.

Data Engineer II

June 18, 2021 - Midco

Support all aspects of Midco data strategy and enterprise data analytics. Focus on SQL development and ETL processes across Midco departments. Provide support in the database design, data flow and analysis activities.

Software Architect (.NET Development)

June 18, 2021 - Midco

Provide technical expertise and design direction for software & web applications that involve a higher level of complexity. Support all aspects of Midco software and systems strategy by applying architecture best practices to business priorities. Focus on the technical design, architecture models and system integration. Provide support in the decision process for new software evaluation and acquisition.