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Best Practices for Delivering and Sharing Content in Power BI

Tuesday, July 14, 2020 10:30PM - (605) SQL Server User Group

The Power BI Service offers several ways to distribute content for internal colleagues and external users. In this session we will discuss when using the sharing functionality is appropriate, techniques to effectively use app workspaces, and when an app is the optimal way to distribute content. You will leave this session with an understanding of options for collaboration and distribution of content in the context of personal BI, small teams, large teams, and enterprise-wide BI initiatives.

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Blazor is here with .Net 5

June 17, 2020 -

Blazor is here with .Net 5 If you’ve followed me or look back on my posts, you can see that I’ve done a lot of web/UI work. I’ve done jQuery. I enjoyed Silverlight. I then moved to KnockoutJs and was thankful for the data-binding. I’ve learned Angular and Aurelia, but haven’t used them much in production code. I’ve used Typescript on a large team and that has been very helpful.

Wire Up Random Integrated Circuits

June 9, 2020 -

I bought a bag of integrated circuits (IC) from eBay — it is about 1/2 a pounds and contains all kids of TTL, CMOS, Semiconductors, etc. And the “etc” is very interesting. eBay seller — I’m going to go through as many of them as I can and put them on a breadboard, reviewRead more

Is your furnace running?

June 9, 2020 -

After about a year, I swap out my prototype furnace sensor with a permanent solution, complete with 3d printed case and two temperature probes. I will post a follow-up video once I get some graph data to show the vibration and temperature over a period of time. In a future video, I will cover inRead more

Encouragement and Advice for New Software Engineers

May 31, 2020 -

Pro tips for New Software Engineers Every year we have the pleasure of having interns start in the summer. Many of these have been hired full-time. I was thinking about things I have shared in the past or would like to share with them now, which prompted this article. Checkout my resources page. I have lot of podcasts, books and websites listed. Use my referral links to get the Brave browser, Arcadia power for clean energy and Coinbase to buy some crypto ;-) (hint, hint).

Working With Existing Code

May 20, 2020 -

Working With Existing Code I hope the code you work with is more like ravioli instead of spaghetti. I heard that from John Papa years ago. Most of the code we will work with is already existing. Let’s make it better as we work in it. "Indeed, the ratio of time spent reading versus writing is well over 10 to 1. We are constantly reading old code as part of the effort to write new code.

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Software Engineer

December 4, 2019 - Anchorage

Role Description: Build secure, resilient, and global infrastructure from the ground up! Review code across the entire stack and engineering organization while actively participating in product development. Find the right balance between progress (i.e. shipping quickly) and perfection (i.e. measuring twice). Foster an efficient deterministic testing culture, with an emphasis on minimizing tech debt and bureaucracy. Influence architecture/product roadmap - have a seat at the table. Collaborate cross-functionally with everyone.