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Making a Wi-Fi Smart Fan (Part 1)

May 4, 2021 -

A few years ago I started slowly transforming my house into a “Smart House”. It started with some friends of ours showing us their smart bulbs and how they could tell Alexa to turn them on and off. I’ll admit, I was skeptical of how smart bulbs could be life changing, and it took a few years until I would get there. But this isn’t that story, this is about how I converted my plain ol' dumb fan into a Wi-Fi enabled smart fan for my OpenHab system.

Coding Guidelines

April 29, 2021 -

Coding Guidelines Software Systems can easily pile up technical debt (see my Clean Architecture for more thoughts on that). One of the reasons is that people rush. Another common one is not thinking about or knowing about good software practices. How do we teach this and rely the concepts? I don’t think a style guide and coding standards is enough, but I offer some principles to follow and share.

Finding Success with UI Automation

April 12, 2021 -

Success with UI Automation UI Automation is hard to create to make reliable, consistent testing to validate functionality. Especially for products that have existed for years. I have been a product for many years where we moved from minimal automated tests to completely relying on tests. I’ve also witnessed a journey that isn’t going very well and we need to “right the ship”. I believe that test testing pyramid is correct as shown in The testing pyramid.

Tinker-like REPL for Mezzio

March 31, 2021 -

Today in the Laminas Slack, somebody asked if there was an equivalent to Laravel’s Tinker REPL. The short answer is "no", but I had a suggestion for them. PHP REPL The first part of my answer to the question was suggesting they use the PHP REPL. PHP has had a REPL since version 5.1.0, which you can invoke using php -a. Once you’ve started, you can do anything you’d normally do in PHP, including such things as including files, declaring namespaces, declaring classes, etc.

Improving Organizations - Many readings, videos for resources

March 30, 2021 -

Many readings, videos and thoughts for resources to Improve Organizations I’ve read many books and articles and watched videos over the last 14 years that informed and shaped my thinking. I’ve put these into the order that I came across them and added some comments. Note: I moved this section out of my 2020 article “Time is valuable, Project to Product, reducing waste and Software Development Process“ Agile and XP Programming Thank you to my University of Minnesota, Morris professors for teaching this approach and unit testing!

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