Past Events

All Things .NET with the Marketbeat team!

April 25, 2024

Come for an evening of all things .NET. The MarketBeat team recently attended the DEVIntersection / Microsoft Azure + AI Conference. They’ll share a high level overview of the sessions and workshops that were available and the highlights of what they learned. Food will be available! Event photo from Markus Spiske from Pexels: Read more about All Things .NET with the Marketbeat team!

Mini Jame Gam #29

April 12, 2024

Head to Blend to participate in Mini Jame Gam #29 on Friday April 12th from 9 am to about 5 pm. The game jam will provide a theme, and a special object for us to build around. This is announced when the jam starts. If we get enough people we may split into separate teams. Please bring a laptop, and any additional tools you think would be helpful. For example, microphone for recording sounds, drawing pad or tablet for making art. Read more about Mini Jame Gam #29

Domain Driven Design: Let's build together

April 10, 2024

Last time we had Domain Driven Development: A Tasting! with Zach Robinson. There was a lot great feedback and Zachhas offered to lead a digital follow up to the DDD talk, where we live-code and design a domain model in F#. Hopefully, just a casual mob programming experience. Mess around, do silly stuff, define some types/functions. Get a group together or individually and come join us virtually during your lunch hour. Read more about Domain Driven Design: Let's build together

Domain Driven Design: A Tasting!

March 26, 2024

Domain driven design has become a popular design approach initially coined by Eric Evans in 2003. It has spread through the application development community like wildfire. Come join us for a small tasting of this powerful methodology, where we will explore the key concepts and principles of domain driven design. We will discuss how to identify and model domain entities, aggregate roots, value objects, and domain services. We will also delve into the concept of bounded contexts and how they help in managing complex domains. Read more about Domain Driven Design: A Tasting!

Discussion about how AI is affecting us and how we can use it

May 15, 2023

Let’s start with introductions to get to know each other. Then we’ll discuss “How are AI tools like ChatGPT and Github CoPilot changing how you work?” and How is AI affecting your company and projects?" This is a very new topic for a lot of us. We look forward to sharing and learning together. MarketBeat will be providing food, so please RSVP. (Thanks to Bing Chat for generating that image) Read more about Discussion about how AI is affecting us and how we can use it

Containers and Kubernetes 101

March 23, 2023

Join us as Adam Rahja presents what containers are what docker is how it operates what Kubernetes is the differences between Kubernetes and docker why the complexity of Kubernetes is needed. Please come learn and contribute to the conversation if you are new to containers or if you work with them every day. Omnitech will also provide pizza. Read more about Containers and Kubernetes 101

React + TypeScript at Prismatic

March 18, 2021

Meeting ID:[masked]Passcode: 1337 We use React and TypeScript quite heavily at Prismatic. We’ve got a fairly large and non-trivial application running in production, and we’re constantly adding new features, fixing bugs, and refactoring old designs. In this talk we’ll explore some of the ways that using React with TypeScript has made this a productive and enjoyable experience. Read more about React + TypeScript at Prismatic

Using the Compiler API in Real-World Scenarios

April 14, 2020 VIDEO

With the Compiler API, .NET developers have the ability to use the wealth of information it provides on their code for inspection and modification. Knowing how to use the Compiler API can, however, may seem like a daunting task. In this session, I’ll demonstrate a number of real-world examples that use the Compiler API to provide useful functionality and features via analyzers, refactorings, and .NET Core tools. You’ll see how straightforward this API is, and you’ll understand how to apply it in your own applications. Read more about Using the Compiler API in Real-World Scenarios