Past Events

Cozy Up To Your (Bash) Shell

July 28, 2015

If you use OS X or ever interact with Linux or BSD, learning a few things about the shell (Terminal) can give you a big boost in productivity. Jackson Murtha will be giving a brief practical introduction to bash-like shells and basic unix command line paradigms like GNU utilities and piping. The talk will introduce basic tools, language features, and concepts which are common or have a high productivity return. Read more about Cozy Up To Your (Bash) Shell

Git Workshop

June 29, 2015

MWOP and I are putting together a patchwork inspired git workshop(bring your own device). Whether you’re new to git or quite experienced hopefully you can come learn something. The workshop centers around content produced by github is designed to be hands-on and self paced, but we’ll have more than a few mentors available for questions. If you’re already using git (or another dvcs) and want to talk workflow, or related things like continuous integration/delivery feel free to come tell others what you’re doing or ask what they’re doing. Read more about Git Workshop

Taming Asynchronicity with Promises

March 3, 2015

Talk Repo What are promises and how can they be managed? Bob Davidson from Blend Interactive will introduce this new fascination of the Javascript community. He’ll also discuss some functional programming techniques to help get you out of code “nesting hell”, and explain why the difference between asynchronous and multithreaded programming matters. The examples will be in Javascript, but apply to many other languages. Note: Not at the Raven training building. Read more about Taming Asynchronicity with Promises

NodeJS Workshop - Streams (don't cross them. It would be bad)

January 20, 2015

Starting off the new year with another NodeSchool workshop. This one is all about working with streams. Streams are introduced in the initial Learn You Node and continued in considerably more depth here. If you’re interested in a more advanced workshop or one of introductory ones there will be mentors available to help with any of them. Have something you want to hear about, or something you want to speak about? Read more about NodeJS Workshop - Streams (don't cross them. It would be bad)

Middleware with MWOP

December 16, 2014

Lots of web frameworks are being built around the idea of shared middleware these days(Rack, WSGI, OWIN, Connect, etc). Matthew Weier O’Phinney will be talking about the benefits of compose-able middleware in Connect. Seth Larson will have information about the similar approach being taken in ASP.Net vNext Read more about Middleware with MWOP

SICP Discussion

August 19, 2014

For August 19th, we’ll be covering section 4.1. A nice pdf of the book: Public Github Repo for exercises in Clojure: Read more about SICP Discussion

Hack night

June 24, 2014

By demand, this is a night for members who are stuck or want feedback to bring in anything and talk to others input. Any kind of technical problem as long as it deals with creating or delivering applications is welcome. Read more about Hack night