Getting Started with Unit Testing Workshop (2 of 2)

May 29, 2019

Join Omnitech Software Engineer Kevin Logan for part TWO of a lunch-hour dive into Unit Testing.

The combined talks will include a short introduction to unit testing in general, along with some hands-on-keyboard work following Kevin with C# MVC API unit tests. The lessons will be broadly applicable to unit testing in general, including other programming languages.

The second meeting will give us time to talk about experiences and look into integration testing in .Net Core, and we will have some more questions and discussions about putting unit testing into practice. If you could not make the first talk, please join us anyway.

To make the best of this workshop, please download repos and tools beforehand and do a little preparation:

Requires VS 2019 (2017 will work too), .Net Core 2.2 (or newer as time goes on), node.js (, LTS, this is installed with VS if you check the right feature)

You’ll need .Net Core 2.2 installed, check your Add or Remove programs or in the command line dotnet –version => get the sdk

IMPORTANT: Parking will NOT be available in the Raven lot for this presentation. There may be nearby lots or metered parking on the street or ramps, but you are on your own for this event. Please be sure to walk directly to the Raven training facility rather than the main Raven building, and do not arrive at Raven more than 15 minutes early. Raven’s been gracious with their facilities, but we will lose the space if we are not respectful.

It’s OK to bring your lunch in, just try to help keep the place clean.