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Last Updated: 2024-06-06
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Windows Downloads Folder Grouping

February 14, 2024 -

I built a new PC a few years ago using the Intel 8086K that I won in the Intel 40th Anniversary Sweepstakes. It’s been a good machine that I’ve only really used for games. Over the last year or so I’ve used it for some more hobby projects and I finally got annoyed with the Downloads special folder always opening up with the contents being grouped by date. I wasn’t terribly surprised to find that this was a common thing people complained about. Read more about Windows Downloads Folder Grouping

Chromecast HD Alternate Launcher

February 6, 2024 -

Recently there has been news of Google deploying advertisements more invasive than content banners in their Google TV launcher. Upon experiencing this directly it seemed like a good idea to dig into replacing the launcher. The first step was testing out alternative launchers. I tried Projectivy Launcher and FLauncher and ended up preferring FLauncher, it is very simple and it’s open source which is an added nicety. The next step was figuring out how to set the default launcher. Read more about Chromecast HD Alternate Launcher

2023 Roundup

December 30, 2023 -

A look back Weight management strategy really tanked… I wanted to go from 240 to 220 this year, but instead I went up to 270… while my strength has really gone up this past year (deadlifting over 400 lbs.), I need to focus on staying away from sugar during the next year. - Similar to that last bullet point, my ability to do pullups really struggled. Obvious with the weight gain, I wasn’t able to do as many because I need to pull more weight. Read more about 2023 Roundup

A complete novice writes Wasm by hand: Adding an Allocator

November 28, 2023 -

In the previous article we learned how to parse numbers from a stream of text using Wasm, in preparation for doing Advent of Code challenges. To solve the challenge, we intermixed the parsing and the solving into a single function; while that may work for some of the easier challenges, eventually we’ll need a place to put the parsed result so we can use it more than once. In this article, we’ll dig deeper into Wasm memory, experiment with creating and using more complex entities (structs, classes, whatever you want to call them), and then build a very simple custom allocator (no seriously, don’t be scared). Read more about A complete novice writes Wasm by hand: Adding an Allocator

A complete novice writes Wasm by hand: Parsing Numbers

November 21, 2023 -

I have decided to do Advent of Code in WebAssembly this year. That must mean I’m some kind of Wasm expert, right? Wrong. I am a complete novice, which means that I’m using Advent of Code to help me learn and grow. It also means that, if you are also a complete novice, hopefully I can take you along on this journey with me and you won’t be completely lost. Or in other words, if you’re a complete Wasm novice and are also Wasm-curious, you’re in the right place. Read more about A complete novice writes Wasm by hand: Parsing Numbers

Bare Metal Zig

October 6, 2023 -

Lately, I've had a nagging interest in working on a minimal OS again. Philipp Oppermann's guide to Writing an OS in Rust is an absolutely fantastic place to start and I encourage anyone interesting in programming to go through it. As indicated above, I've been hankering for something really low level but, truth be told, I didn't really care for Rust. I understand that its borrow-checker is its secret sauce and what makes it a better suited language for writing reliable programs. Read more about Bare Metal Zig

Convert to on an old Enfold theme

January 2, 2023 -

The problem Recently I came across a very old Enfold theme – version 3.6.1. The website would should visitors Not Secure instead of a padlock for SSL/TLS. The research Upon investigating the HTML DOM through View Source and Developer Tools in Chrome and Edge, it appeared there was only one http:// resource on an otherwise HTTPS site. This was the culprit:<link rel=”profile” href=”“> The solution To change this to an https link without updating/upgrading the theme, edit wp-content/themes/enfold/framework/php/function-set-avia-frontend. Read more about Convert to on an old Enfold theme

Calling Rust from iOS

November 18, 2022 -

I started looking into how I can use Rust in an iOS project, and I wanted to share my first steps. In this article, we’ll create a basic Rust library, a basic SwiftUI app, and we’ll integrate the two. No point in dilly-dallying; let’s get into it. Creating a new Xcode project So first, we need an Xcode project. I am, by no means, an iOS developer, so I’m just gonna go with whatever Xcode tells me. Read more about Calling Rust from iOS

A Spark Of Inspiration; New, Curious, & Motivational Pivot

April 3, 2022 -

Company Pivot to Career Coaching It’s time to pivot! I just want to help others bloom with career coaching. Hit me up! Note: The dates-read included with each book listed are not writ-in-pomposity. They are there to add context to my journey, and why Peace is Every Step meant so much to me; I read it with intent and context of my life. Introduction Salutations, dear reader! It is kind of you to spend time reading this, because it’s a personal article. Read more about A Spark Of Inspiration; New, Curious, & Motivational Pivot